Our Story


–  About Us  –

NoScribbles began with a search, precipitated by a wedding, which in turn started with two journeys. My husband and I met in Singapore and settled in Shanghai where we are happily living for now. He hails from DC/Kentucky and I from Shanghai/New York.  Growing up in Shanghai and New York, I began studying calligraphy as a child and was deeply steeped in the language, traditions and artistic legacies of both western and eastern cultures. With our union, we added Judiac traditions to that mix and celebrate the melding of our mutual heritages.


–  Interethnic/Interfaith Ketubahs –

The search for a ketubha which reflects this however was less fruitful; none of the commercially available ketubahs incorporated the calligraphic and artistic motifs of three cultures in a visually beautiful way. So it was then that I decided to design and create a ketubah which would celebrate our love and family. One year later NoScribbles Studio was born, with “Shuang Xi” or “Double Happiness” as our first design.


–  Universal Celebration Art  –

What began as a inter-ethnic ketubah search has now expanded to include celebration documents and art for all faiths, ethnicity, and cultures. While most of our designs incorporate Asian and non-Asian design elements together, we are inspired daily by new things so our designs will evolve over time. 

NoScribbles is dedicated to calligraphic arts as an expression and continuation of our humanity— all our designs and calligraphy are done by hand. Our unique designs are available as Fine Art Giclee prints on archival paper or as customized calligraphy art. 


NoScribbles Studio

v  Dedicated to the Melding of East and West Calligraphic Arts  v